We design & build websites


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Web Design, eCommerce Websites, Services Websites, Web Hosting, Seo services, Software Development, etc.

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Unbeatable price

Our rates are competitive and suitable for any type of business. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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A great team 

We are web Designers and Developers with a talented team of smart, creative and results-focused professionals.

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All types of businesses

We work in all types of companies, whatever their size and activity.


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A long experience

We are qualified web-designers with years of experience creating sites. We can create many sites for your business or create personal websites for you to store your personal details. Experienced experts ready to create your site.

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 Customer satisfaction

More than 97% of customers are satisfied with our services. A result that confirms our constant quest for quality.

         Because Aurvalix helps them improve their image

                          Since 2014, Aurvalix has enabled many companies to improve their image.





Business man

Thanks Aurvalix for your services. A site adapted to my establishment. I recommend this company without hesitation.




Testimonial man

Thanks to you, I was able to give a new life to my company.




testimonial of business woman



Aurvalix took care of creating my site in 2 days and I must say that I am very satisfied with the work that they do. I appreciated their availability to answer my questions.





I would like to thank Aurvalix for his professionalism and the help it gave me at my site.

Executive woman

We used your web designers several times and quickly responded to the problems we were experiencing on the spot.


American business man 


Thanks to the Aurvalix team for the changes you have made to us.




Contact us


With Aurvalix, communication becomes simple, you send us an e-mail and we answer you within 24 hours maximum.

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Web Design at affordable cost

Aurvalix is a global design studio specializing in Web Design at affordable cost.

We create a creativity and design web.

We love working with Start-ups, Corporate looking to lauch or re-create a website brand.

Professional and website design agency

We are a Professional and website design agency. Full range of web development and internet services.

Elegant and powerful websites

We build elegant and powerful websites that make you and your ... solutions that help web development and marketing agencies around the world.

Full-service Digital Agency

Aurvalix agency is a full-service Digital Agency offering creative inbound marketing and web design packages to get your business noticed & increase.